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What if you are in an accident with an uninsured motorist?

Now that winter has arrived, Colorado drivers are dealing with snow and ice on the roads. Dangerous driving conditions can lead to vehicle accidents. Even if you drive cautiously when the weather is bad, you may encounter other drivers that are not so careful.

Getting into an accident with an uninsured driver is more likely than you may think. According to the Insurance Research Council, about one in eight U.S. drivers do not have auto insurance. Here is what you need to know if you are involved in an accident with an uninsured driver.

How To Modify Child Support Orders

A divorce can significantly change your life, and it continues to change afterwards. Change looks different for everyone, whether it means a promotion, a new job, a new house or even a new marriage. 

If your life continues to change, the court orders filed at the time of your divorce may no longer be appropriate for your circumstances. Colorado family courts regularly review past orders, such as child support, to make sure they are still relevant. However, you do not have to wait for the courts to catch up to the change in your life. You have the option to ask for a review and a modification of child support orders.

What are the top causes of car accidents during winter?

It seems every winter drivers forget how to navigate ice and snow. It’s a relearning process and unfortunately the change in weather often comes with car accidents. Why does this happen every year?

Here are the most common causes of motor vehicle accidents during the winter months.

Can You Sue An Abusive Spouse During A Divorce?

People who suffer domestic violence at the hands of a spouse often pursue a divorce. What many victims of domestic violence do not know is that they can also sue their abuser in a civil lawsuit to obtain compensation for the abuse they have suffered and to hold their abuser accountable. This can be done in conjunction with a divorce.

When Avoiding Marital Conflict Makes It Worse

Successful marriages do not just require a sense of love and commitment. Both spouses should respect each other and attempt to gain a sense of understanding when they come to a rough spot. While couples that are seen constantly bickering do not appear like they will have a long relationship, those that take excessive measures to avoid conflict may end up dooming their marriage instead of saving it.

Electronic Scooter Accidents On The Rise

The popular ridesharing service Lyft recently debuted its electronic scooters in Denver. This increases the city's population of shareable scooters to 1,050, with more on the way. As if the scooters were not enough, shareable electronic bikes will be available soon. 

While these new transportation options have been welcomed by many, they have brought with them a new world of safety concerns that will need to be addressed.

Will Traffic Circles Make Streets Safer?

After much planning, Denver Public Works has installed three traffic circles on 35th Avenue. This is part of a larger plan to make city streets safer for drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians. These traffic circles are only temporary. The goal is to study their effectiveness and show the public that they work before installing permanent traffic circles in late 2019.

How Should Marital Assets Be Spent During A Divorce?

One of the most important outcomes of a divorce is the division of marital property. However, a divorce can take months. In the meantime, there are costs that need to be covered. Some of these will be shared costs such as the mortgage on the family home. Others will be individual costs such as food, clothes and travel.

Along the way, it is not uncommon for spouses to get into disagreements because one believes the other is unfairly depleting marital assets before they can be divided. Thankfully, there are protections in place to prevent misuse of marital assets, or to address it if it occurs while the divorce is in progress.

Should Denver Spend More To Keep Pedestrians And Cyclists Safe?

Denver has promised to spend $5 million on bike- and pedestrian-friendly projects in 2018. On the surface, this seems like a substantial amount of money. However, one organization argues that it pales in comparison to what other cities are spending and it is not nearly enough to accomplish everything the city has promised.

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