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Getting the recovery you need and deserve after an accident

A car accident can change your life in an instant. One moment you may be driving to work or heading to the grocery store, and the next you may have injuries that could change the course of your life. Auto collisions are frightening and overwhelming, and you will probably find yourself wondering what steps you need to take to pick up the pieces and move forward.

If your accident was the result of the reckless or negligent actions of another person, you could have grounds to pursue damages through a personal injury claim. Each case is different, and the benefits you could get may depend on the nature and severity of your injuries, your recovery needs and your long-term prognosis. Knowing what you could be entitled to can help you fight for the full recovery you deserve.

Now is a good time to remember how to adjust driving for winter

It may be early in the season, but the beautiful mountains of Colorado have already had a light dusting of snow. Even though it didn't hang around, it is an indication that cooler and colder weather is on the way. While many people anticipate snow in order to enjoy winter sports, everyone who drives on the state's roadways may also anticipate slick ice-and-snow-covered roads.

After living here through at least one winter, you probably already know the roads can get treacherous at times. For this reason, it may be wise to refresh yourself with some safety tips that could help you get to your destinations this winter safely and without incident.

Has your loved one's progress stopped after a brain injury?

If a brain injury left your loved one struggling, it is likely that you are also struggling. It can be difficult to watch someone you love change before your very eyes, and few things can accomplish this more tragically than a brain injury.

In addition to leaving your loved one with physical and cognitive disabilities, the brain trauma may have taken away certain qualities unique to them. While you may hope your loved one will regain many of these lost abilities and characteristics, often doctors can provide only palliative care to those with traumatic brain injuries.

What bicyclists should know before approaching school buses

More school buses are popping up all over the streets in Denver. These large vehicles are great for parents who don’t have the time to driver their kids to work, but they can feel like a nuisance to the people sharing the road with them. Their daily commutes might feel longer if they go on streets where these buses either pick up kids or drop them off at school.

Cyclists have even more to worry about around this time of year. It’s the last few months before the weather turns cold and they have to pack up their bicycles for several months, and now they have to ride on the same road as these massive vehicles they can hardly make a dent in. As you start seeing more buses show up in your neighborhood and your usual path, you need to be aware of your rights as a bicyclist and what you need to do to avoid a serious injury.

Which Denver streets have high fatality rates?

Denver is a massive city with all sorts of activities and unique areas you can't find in the rest of the country. It also offers various ways for people to get around the city. You'll encounter thousands of residents taking their bicycles on the streets, renting a scooter or enjoying the sites with a nice, long walk.

However, there are also plenty of dangerous areas to walk in for one reason or another. These streets have several fatalities annually because they host a popular attraction or are just poorly designed. Here are some roads that you should be careful around if you decide to cross them:

Accident injuries can lead to hypovolemic shock

A motor vehicle accident on a Colorado highway can result in serious injuries. Some of those injuries may be obvious to emergency responders, but others may not show symptoms until some time passes. Unfortunately, the longer these hidden injuries exist without treatment, the more damage may result in your body.

One example of this occurs when you suffer damage to one of your organs, such as your stomach or spleen, that causes you to bleed internally. You may not show symptoms right away from the loss of blood into your abdomen, and if doctors do not diagnose and treat the internal injury, you may slip into potentially deadly hypovolemic shock.

Investigating a truck accident can be complicated

Whether you are on a long, lonely stretch of rural road or an overcrowded Colorado freeway, if you encounter a tractor-trailer or other large, commercial vehicle, the equation suddenly changes. You may not even realize how many unknown variables are in place as the behemoth vehicle rolls up behind, beside or ahead of you.

Motor vehicle accidents involving trucks continue to increase even as the rates of other types of accidents decline. If you suffer injuries in an accident with a commercial vehicle, you have a greater chance that those injuries will be life changing. While driver error is often a contributing factor, there may be other elements to consider when you seek information about the causes of such an accident.

Tips for driving back to campus safely

The end of summer is almost here for most college students in Denver. Within the next few weeks, many young adults will leave their homes and will head back to their respective universities to get started on their fall semesters.

Those heading back to school by themselves may run into some issue before they even step foot on campus. Even if it is not their first year attending college, there are plenty of ways their drive on the way up can go horribly wrong. Parents should remind their children of what they need to take precautions for on the way back to their dormitories.

What Denver tourists need to watch out for on the road

Summer is a popular season for travelers and family members to take a road trip down to Denver since there isn't nearly as much snow in July and August as any other part of the year. It's the best time to explore the city and mountains while making time for some outdoor entertainment like concerts or a Rockies game.

Unfortunately, Denver isn't an easy city to navigate during the hottest months of the year. Whether you're visiting the Mile High City for the first time or you have some family visiting town, it's important to know the common hazards that this city's drivers face every day so that whoever's behind the wheel doesn't go in blindly.

How parents can help teens prepare for sun glare on the road

Thousands of car accidents every summer are caused by inexperienced and reckless teenagers on the road. Summer is the most popular season for students to get their driver’s license, and it’s also a time where they’re not primarily relegated to only driving to school and back.

Summer is also one of the worst seasons to drive in Denver. There might be less snow in Colorado, but there are also plenty of motorists taking advantage of the warmer temperatures. As your teen gets ready to drive along them, it is imperative that you prepare them for common seasonal hazards. One of the most irritating obstacles you need to get them ready for that they’ll come across frequently is a bright, sunny day.

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