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Investigating a truck accident can be complicated

Whether you are on a long, lonely stretch of rural road or an overcrowded Colorado freeway, if you encounter a tractor-trailer or other large, commercial vehicle, the equation suddenly changes. You may not even realize how many unknown variables are in place as the behemoth vehicle rolls up behind, beside or ahead of you.

Motor vehicle accidents involving trucks continue to increase even as the rates of other types of accidents decline. If you suffer injuries in an accident with a commercial vehicle, you have a greater chance that those injuries will be life changing. While driver error is often a contributing factor, there may be other elements to consider when you seek information about the causes of such an accident.

Tips for driving back to campus safely

The end of summer is almost here for most college students in Denver. Within the next few weeks, many young adults will leave their homes and will head back to their respective universities to get started on their fall semesters.

Those heading back to school by themselves may run into some issue before they even step foot on campus. Even if it is not their first year attending college, there are plenty of ways their drive on the way up can go horribly wrong. Parents should remind their children of what they need to take precautions for on the way back to their dormitories.

What Denver tourists need to watch out for on the road

Summer is a popular season for travelers and family members to take a road trip down to Denver since there isn't nearly as much snow in July and August as any other part of the year. It's the best time to explore the city and mountains while making time for some outdoor entertainment like concerts or a Rockies game.

Unfortunately, Denver isn't an easy city to navigate during the hottest months of the year. Whether you're visiting the Mile High City for the first time or you have some family visiting town, it's important to know the common hazards that this city's drivers face every day so that whoever's behind the wheel doesn't go in blindly.

How parents can help teens prepare for sun glare on the road

Thousands of car accidents every summer are caused by inexperienced and reckless teenagers on the road. Summer is the most popular season for students to get their driver’s license, and it’s also a time where they’re not primarily relegated to only driving to school and back.

Summer is also one of the worst seasons to drive in Denver. There might be less snow in Colorado, but there are also plenty of motorists taking advantage of the warmer temperatures. As your teen gets ready to drive along them, it is imperative that you prepare them for common seasonal hazards. One of the most irritating obstacles you need to get them ready for that they’ll come across frequently is a bright, sunny day.

Tips to stay safe on the roads while pregnant

Most expecting mothers are fiercely protective of their unborn child. They do whatever they can to ensure the baby grows strong, including eating the right foods, restricting their activity and even researching child development.

However, as you pick up prenatal vitamins, you also need to consider how transportation affects your pregnancy. Is it safe for you to drive? And what should you do to make sure both you and your baby make it home safely? Luckily, there are easy steps to make driving a little easier for any mother.

Beware of drunk drivers this Fourth of July

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, the Fourth of July accounts for the highest number of car accidents year-round. This spike in collisions is partially due to the increased amount of traffic on the roads as people travel to their destination.

In addition, there is a sharp increase in drunk driving that accounts for a large portion of accidents. In fact, 47% of accidents on July Fourth involved drivers that were at or above the legal blood alcohol limit.

Electric scooter pedestrian accidents are likely in the summer

Now that the temperatures are rising in Denver, thousands of residents can’t wait to go outside to enjoy the sun. Many of them are riding the newer electric scooters in the city to get to their destinations faster since this season has the best weather to use them in.

Unfortunately, more electric scooters and cars on the road can be a recipe for disaster. Electric scooter injuries have been on the rise within the last few years and many drivers don’t react properly when seeing them on the road. If you frequently take electric scooters during your weekly activities during the summer, you must keep the following trends in mind to avoid a potential disaster:

Colorado seatbelt use has risen, but is it enough?

Latching your seatbelt should be part of your routine by now. Seatbelt safety campaigns have permeated our advertisements for years, and for good reason: they work. Seatbelts saved nearly 15,000 lives nationwide in 2017.

Colorado has increased its seatbelt usage from 72.1 percent in 2001 to 86.3 percent but that number could certainly still improve. Among the least buckled up according to the survey were truck drivers at 80 percent. Drivers of all vehicles should strive for 100 percent seatbelt compliance. Consider this.

Commercial trucks and passenger cars share hazardous roads

A horrifying truck accident on I-70 in Lakewood made headlines on April 25. The resulting personal impacts and legal consequences will surely become clearer with time.

But the tragedy immediately drew attention to the dangers of passenger cars and large commercial trucks sharing the highways hour after hour across the United States.

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