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When People Get Married For The Wrong Reasons

Strong marriages are based on love, physical attraction, shared values, and emotional and intellectual compatibility, among other things. These are the marriages that are more likely to stand the test of time. However, some people get married not because they have found this sort of relationship, but for different reasons altogether. Over time, those reasons may prove to be wrong and ultimately spell the end of the marriage.

Should Bicyclists Be Allowed To Run Stop Signs?

Currently, the same rules apply to bicycles that apply to cars. Like cars, bikes must stop at stop signs and red lights. However, the reality is that bikes are dramatically different than cars. What is safe for one may not be safe for the other.

That is the idea behind the bicycle “safety stop” bill, which recently passed the state House and Senate, and is expected to be signed into law by the governor.

Who Stays At Home During The Divorce?

The family home is a valuable asset. As part of a divorce, it will be subject to division. Ultimately, it may go to one spouse or it may be sold and the proceeds will be divided. However, reaching that point takes time. Until then, there is a more pressing matter that will need to be addressed: who gets to stay in the home while the divorce is in progress?

This is where temporary orders come into play.

When An Insurer Acts In Bad Faith

You purchased your homeowners insurance policy with the understanding that your insurance company would act in good faith in the event that something happened. Now, the time has come for you to put your policy to use and you find that the insurance company has delayed, underpaid or flat-out denied your claim. Your insurer seems to have no interest in fulfilling its obligations to you. What do you do now?


Who Gets The House In A Divorce?

For most divorcing couples, the family home will be the most valuable asset that needs to be dealt with. Not surprisingly, it is also one of the most common sources of property division disputes. This is not only because of the house's value, but because of what it represents. There may be many happy memories stored in those walls.

When determining what to do with the family home, it can be important to consider all options and to understand how property division works in Colorado.

Are Colorado Laws Strong Enough To Stop DUI Crashes?

Despite laws in place to deter people from getting behind the wheel while intoxicated, drunk driving is still one of the leading causes of car accidents in Colorado. A recent case involving a death caused by a repeat DUI offender has led one prosecutor to ask whether the state's laws are strong enough to do what they were intended to do.

Can I Get Sole Custody Of My Child?

In a child custody dispute, it is only natural to want to protect your relationship with your child. You want to ensure that you have as much time as possible with your child going forward. You may even want to have sole custody and not allow the other parent to spend any time with your child. However, this is very rarely allowed in Colorado.

Will Health Insurance Be Enough After A Car Accident?

After suffering an injury in a car accident, people with health insurance often feel lucky that their policy will cover their medical bills. Unfortunately, they often discover that the insurance policy they thought would protect them falls short of addressing all the costs.

What Factors Determine Child Support Payments?

When a child is born to an unmarried couple, or when parents get a divorce or separate, child support is likely to become an issue.

While many aspects of family law in Colorado are complex, determining child support payments is relatively straightforward. This is thanks to clear guidelines set by the Colorado Legislature. Understanding the guidelines will give you an indication of how much child support you may have to pay or how much child support you may receive.

Your Employer May Be Skimping On Your Wages in More Ways Than One

Working for a living is part of life, and often the size of a person's paycheck does not correlate to exactly how hard they have worked or the level of dedication they bring to the job. This is true not only because many people do not earn a fair live-able wage for their work, but because they are often shortchanged in receiving the wages they earned.

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