Can You Be Forced To Pay Child Support For Someone Else’s Child?

| Aug 3, 2016 | Child Custody |

A recent case demonstrates just how messy child custody and child support cases can get in Colorado. A Denver man is being forced to pay $730 a month in child support and health insurance for a child that DNA tests have proven is not even his. To make matters worse, he is no longer being allowed to see the child, a girl he raised as his own daughter for the first 11 years of her life.

Colorado Child Support And Child Custody Laws Are Complex

According to an article from WGNO, the man raised the girl with his wife for two years. Then he and his wife divorced. He continued to see the girl and pay child support until she turned 11. At that time, his ex-wife wanted to change the girl’s last name, but the man would not consent to the name change. His ex-wife then mentioned that the girl was not his, prompting him to get a DNA test and learn the truth.

Since that time, he has continued to pay child support, but he has been cut out of the girl’s life. According to the mother, the girl no longer wants to see him. The girl has, however, entered into a new relationship with her biological father, who sees her on a regular basis but does not pay child support.

The man’s name is on the girl’s birth certificate, and that is at the core of the problem. He could attempt to terminate his parental rights, but the court would not likely approve that without someone being willing to step in and take his place. The girl’s biological father is not willing to do so, since that would then leave him on the hook for child support.

Avoiding Legal Tangles

At one point in the process, the man paying child support attempted to submit DNA evidence to the court, but it was not accepted because he did not follow the proper procedure. He was representing himself without an attorney.

While situations like this one are rare, there are many opportunities for similar tangles to arise in family law cases. This is why it is critical to have someone on your side from the very start to ensure that no missteps are made and your rights are protected. At Scardina Family Law, we know the law. We have the experience to help people avoid pitfalls and achieve their objectives.

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