Can Child Custody Be Granted To More Than Two Parents?

| Apr 27, 2017 | Child Custody |

Families come in all shapes and sizes. Not all families fit the one mother/one father mold. When those families go through a divorce, child custody arrangements need to be designed accordingly. Sometimes that means breaking new ground.

According to an article from CNN, a judge in New York awarded shared custody of a 10-year-old child to three parents: one father and two mothers.

New Families. New Child Custody Arrangements.

In this case, the trio considered themselves a family for many years. The husband and wife had met the third partner, a woman who lived next door, and engaged in intimate relations. The third partner became the mother of the child after the wife struggled to become pregnant and suffered a miscarriage. After the child, a boy, was born, the three parents raised the child together until the wife and the third partner separated from the man and moved in together, bringing the child with them.

Naturally, the father still wanted to be part of the child’s life, as did both mothers, which led to a drawn out divorce and child custody battle, which only recently ended in the unique arrangement that allows all parents to remain part of the child’s life.

Legal Representation For All Families

No matter what your family looks like, you have the right to be part of your child’s life. Sometimes though, the law is not prepared to address all types of families. With the help of an experienced, innovative attorney, however, you may be able to achieve the appropriate child custody arrangements.

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