Getting A Divorce? Don’t Forget The Divorce Selfie!

| Jun 24, 2017 | Divorce |

With the rise of smartphones and social media, selfies have simply become a part of life. You take one when you go out. You take one when you are on vacation. You take one with family. You take one with friends. You take one when you get married. You take one when you have kids.

Why not take one when you get divorced too?



A Celebration Of An Amicable Divorce

According to an article from Bride, divorce selfies are the new trend among divorcing couples. However, they are not about vanity or self-absorption. They are about celebrating the amicable divorce. They are about showing that couples can end a marriage without a knock-down, drag-out fight. Above all else, they demonstrate that the bonds of friendship can withstand the divorce process.

Divorce selfies may be taken at any point during the divorce process. Many people take them immediately after the paperwork is finalized. They often show the former couple smiling and holding their divorce papers, or flashing hands without wedding rings. While some may be awkward, most are lighthearted and fun, with captions that show how people can move on and still care about their former spouse.

Divorce selfies might be posted on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, accompanied by the #divorceselfie hashtag and other humorous hashtags such as #finallygotaroundtoit or #getalongbetternowthanwhenwelivedtogether.

So if you and your spouse are getting an amicable divorce and are going to stay friends, by all means post a divorce selfie. Show the world that the myth that all divorces require a vicious, drawn-out battle is not true at all.


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