What Is The Weirdest Way To Ruin A Marriage?

| Jun 19, 2017 | Divorce |

While many marriages end simply because the spouses grew apart, others end because one spouse did something wrong that the other could not live with.

The list of things that husbands and wives have done to ruin a marriage goes on and on, from abuse to cheating to drug addiction and beyond. However, an article in Jalopnik discusses a novel way that a Colorado man ruined his marriage, and it might just be one of the weirdest:

BMW addiction.

How Many BMWs Does It Take To Ruin A Marriage?

The story details a man who became so obsessed with BMWs that he lost everything. Over the years, he accumulated 50 BMWs, which he hid from his family and stored in a variety of places throughout the country, including his employer’s parking lot. Not only did he spend money on the cars themselves, he hoarded BMW parts and hid them away.

The problem was not just that he was spending so much money on BMWs and BMW paraphernalia, but that the money he was spending was not his. He embezzled thousands from his employer. When he was finally caught, he faced serious criminal charges.

Ultimately, his wife left him, not because of the wrongdoing itself, but because of the deceit. Even after his crimes were revealed, he continued to lie to her. She filed for divorce. She no longer communicates with him, and he has little contact with his children. He lost everything because of his addiction to a very specific type of car.

Every Divorce Is Different

While not every divorce will involve criminal activity and car addictions, the truth is that every divorce has its own unique challenges to overcome. Whether a person simply wants to move forward with an uncontested divorce or there are allegations of hidden property, addiction, criminal activity or other issues, it is important to work with a family law attorney who understands the value of looking at every case individually and creating a specific strategy for achieving the desired outcome.

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