Would You Let A Bot Handle Your Divorce?

| Dec 29, 2017 | Divorce |

Technology is always making things easier for people. After the success of his popular chatbot DoNotPay, one entrepreneur is trying to make it easier for people to take care of legal issues by introducing bots to help with legal paperwork. While it might sound simple enough to get a bot’s assistance with a parking ticket, what about something as complicated as divorce, which could affect someone’s entire future? 

Just Because It Can Handle Parking Tickets Does Not Make It Suitable For Handling Divorces

While there’s no such divorce bot yet, the founder of DoNotPay, Joshua Browder, does want to build toward that going forward. Browder envisions a future where spouses can handle complex legal issues such as divorce and bankruptcy using the bot. To support his progress, IBM offered free use of Watson technology, the question and answer technology that made headlines when it bested human competitors on the game show Jeopardy.

DoNotPay has saved its users over $9.3 million in parking fees by offering a simple AI solution for a common problem. While the app is free to use, TechCrunch notes that eventual plans call for app monetization through sponsorships. For instance, a local car dealer might sponsor usage as an advertisement campaign. While a divorce lawyer could sponsor app usage to promote their family law firm, there is no substitute for personalized counsel from a lawyer who understands state law and parses the specific nuances of your unique situation.  

While the impulse is admirable, divorce is not a clearcut issue of determining who’s at fault. There are two individuals — if not others, when minor children are taken into account — whose needs and wants are at the heart of the matter. Dissolution of marriage is often messy and emotional. It requires personal solutions in the best interest of all parties. As such, there is no way that a chatbot, even powered by Watson technology, could act as an advocate to divorcing couples. 

If you are getting divorced or even thinking about it, there is no substitute for getting personalized guidance from a real family law attorney. When it comes to something as serious as your future, work with a traditional human attorney to set the stage for a future you can enjoy. 

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