When People Get Married For The Wrong Reasons

| May 13, 2018 | Divorce |

Strong marriages are based on love, physical attraction, shared values, and emotional and intellectual compatibility, among other things. These are the marriages that are more likely to stand the test of time. However, some people get married not because they have found this sort of relationship, but for different reasons altogether. Over time, those reasons may prove to be wrong and ultimately spell the end of the marriage.

What Are The Wrong Reasons For Getting Married?

An article from Psychology Today looks at some of the worst reasons for getting married. They include:

  • Agreeing to marry someone in order to avoid hurting their feelings.
  • Agreeing to marry someone because your parents really like them.
  • Agreeing to marry someone because of shared religious or other beliefs.
  • Agreeing to marry someone for financial security.
  • Agreeing to marry someone because you believe you are running out of time and want to have children.

Of course, there is not necessarily anything wrong with any of the above. Unfortunately, if they are the sole reasons for agreeing to marry someone and other factors such as love and physical attraction are not there, the marriage may become strained.

Reasons For Getting Married Vs. Reasons For Staying Married

As the article points out, schools do not teach people how to be in relationships, how to weigh various factors before deciding to get married. What may seem like the right thing to do at one point may prove to be a mistake over time.

However, many people continue to stay in unhappy marriages, using the exact same reasons they used when they chose to get married in the first place. Often, they do this out of fear of the challenges of the divorce process. For many though, divorce can be a path to end a marriage built on the wrong reasons and move forward into a life they can be happy with.

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