Will Traffic Circles Make Streets Safer?

| Aug 31, 2018 | Accidents Involving Pedestrians |

After much planning, Denver Public Works has installed three traffic circles on 35th Avenue. This is part of a larger plan to make city streets safer for drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians. These traffic circles are only temporary. The goal is to study their effectiveness and show the public that they work before installing permanent traffic circles in late 2019.

Not True Roundabouts?

According to an article from Streetsblog Denver, the temporary traffic circles have been installed on 35th Avenue at Raleigh, Newton and Julian Streets. While part of the city’s overall street safety plan, these are specifically designed to make 35th Avenue more friendly for walking and riding bicycle. However, the traffic circles have their critics.

While roundabouts have been shown to be effective worldwide, one commenter points out that these are not traditional roundabouts. Traditional roundabouts allow for continuous movement of traffic from all directions with yield signs. These traffic circles have stops signs, which may confuse drivers new to the traffic circle concept.

Critics aside, the value will be proven if the traffic circles reduce the number of injuries and deaths caused by motor vehicle accidents in a time when bike and pedestrian accidents are on the rise. In the meantime, bicyclists and pedestrians have the right to use the road and the right to pursue a claim in the event that they are hurt by a negligent driver. They may be able to get compensation for all accident-related costs.

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