What are the top causes of car accidents during winter?

| Nov 10, 2018 | Motor Vehicle Accident |

It seems every winter drivers forget how to navigate ice and snow. It’s a relearning process and unfortunately the change in weather often comes with car accidents. Why does this happen every year?

Here are the most common causes of motor vehicle accidents during the winter months.

1. Thinly glazed ice on the roads

Drivers should be extra aware of their road conditions, as ice can coat the roads just enough that driving conditions become more treacherous but motorists can’t see the hazard. When in doubt, drive with caution.

2. Poor visibility

Whiteouts can hinder a driver’s visibility even by a few feet. Additionally, not scraping or brushing off a car windshield enough when it is covered in ice or snow can make it difficult to be aware of everything on the road. Make sure your vision is clear and if you don’t have a clear line of sight, pull over.

3. Lack of car maintenance

Cars that didn’t have winter maintenance performed on them or are overdue for basic maintenance can be an extreme hazard. One of the top concerns for any car on the road this winter is the age and condition of the tires. If they are old or worn out, they are less likely to maintain or regain control in poor weather.

4. Distracted drivers

In Colorado, drivers are prohibited from manual data entry on a phone, which includes texting or browsing the internet, but can use their phones for calls. Minors cannot use a cell phone behind the wheel at all. Exceptions are permitted for emergencies, such as during an emergency or contacting someone for safety help.

Of course, distracted drivers are a danger to motorists any time of the year, but this is especially concerning during winter. When drivers are distracted, they are not able to make snap decisions or pay attention to how the weather conditions are affecting the roads. This leads to an increase in accidents.

As winter weather picks up in Colorado, be aware of how these hazards can affect your own driving and the other vehicles on the road.

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