Colorado seatbelt use has risen, but is it enough?

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Latching your seatbelt should be part of your routine by now. Seatbelt safety campaigns have permeated our advertisements for years, and for good reason: they work. Seatbelts saved nearly 15,000 lives nationwide in 2017.

Colorado has increased its seatbelt usage from 72.1 percent in 2001 to 86.3 percent but that number could certainly still improve. Among the least buckled up according to the survey were truck drivers at 80 percent. Drivers of all vehicles should strive for 100 percent seatbelt compliance. Consider this.

Consider this: a scary situation unfolded just outside of Denver on April 2. A three-car accident occurred in the early-morning hours resulting in an overturned vehicle and a passenger thrown from a vehicle. The extent of the injuries of those involved and any fatalities is unknown.

What we do know is that seatbelts greatly reduce the chance of severe injury and death by preventing passengers from the force of airbags and ejection from the vehicle. The NHTSA says seatbelts reduce fatalities by 45 percent and critical injuries for front seat passengers by 50 percent.

Seatbelts are the law, too.

Not only is wearing your seatbelt the smart thing to do, it’s the law. Colorado law states that the driver and all front seat passengers must wear their seatbelt when the vehicle is in operation on any street or highway. If you’re found without a seatbelt at a traffic stop, you could face a $65 fine. That’s $65 that you could spend on groceries or a night out rather than a needless fine.

Don’t gamble with your life when car accidents can arise in the blink of an eye. Wearing a seatbelt won’t prevent an accident but it may prevent a life-altering injury or even death. Accidents like the one mentioned above can occur in an instant, and wearing your seatbelt helps keep your prepared for one.

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