Electric scooter pedestrian accidents are likely in the summer

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Now that the temperatures are rising in Denver, thousands of residents can’t wait to go outside to enjoy the sun. Many of them are riding the newer electric scooters in the city to get to their destinations faster since this season has the best weather to use them in.

Unfortunately, more electric scooters and cars on the road can be a recipe for disaster. Electric scooter injuries have been on the rise within the last few years and many drivers don’t react properly when seeing them on the road. If you frequently take electric scooters during your weekly activities during the summer, you must keep the following trends in mind to avoid a potential disaster:

Many accidents occur at night

Several electric scooter companies stop operations after midnight after noticing that too many drunk riders were hurting themselves around this time. However, there are still a lot of risks present in the hours leading up to midnight.

Plenty of drivers that are either drunk or intoxicated are on the road during this time. Since electric scooters are now prohibited on most Denver sidewalks, you’ll be forced to ride in a bike lane and share the road with them in numerous areas. Like any pedestrian in the latter hours of the day, bright and reflective clothing are crucial to make drivers spot you easier. Reflective stickers on your helmet can also help them see you ahead.

Plenty of scooters have bugs

Earlier this year, a popular scooter company warned their customers of their scooters coming down with technical bugs that cause “sudden excessive braking”. They warn potential riders that the first thing they should do once they get their scooters is to test the brakes to make sure they can work on command. Since most riders must share the streets with cars now, a bug that causes excessive braking or no braking at all could turn into a deadly incident.

Pedestrian safety requires both electric scooter riders and drivers to be attentive on the roads. Many drivers are still adjusting to seeing so many electric scooter riders around. If negligent driver hurts you on the road as you ride your electric scooter, contact an attorney that specializes in pedestrian accidents.

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