Tips to stay safe on the roads while pregnant

| Jul 29, 2019 | Motor Vehicle Accident |

Most expecting mothers are fiercely protective of their unborn child. They do whatever they can to ensure the baby grows strong, including eating the right foods, restricting their activity and even researching child development.

However, as you pick up prenatal vitamins, you also need to consider how transportation affects your pregnancy. Is it safe for you to drive? And what should you do to make sure both you and your baby make it home safely? Luckily, there are easy steps to make driving a little easier for any mother.

Adjust the car seat for comfortability

Before you hit the road, adjust the car seat to maximize comfortability and increase safety. The current recommendation is to keep your body at least 10 inches distance between you and the wheel. If you can do that, try to make room to move your legs under the wheel. Otherwise, sit in the passenger seat instead. It allows you more flexibility to adjust your seat and not focus on driving.

Don’t forget your seatbelt

As the baby grows, your stomach will naturally get bigger to make room for your child. However, a larger stomach makes it difficult to wear a seat belt while driving comfortably. It’s critical that expecting mothers still wear their seat belts and adjust the position of the belt to sit above their bump, across their chest and over their shoulder. When positioned correctly, a seat belt saves two lives: the mother and the unborn baby.

Always be wary of driving

Most expecting mothers show concerns about driving in their third trimester, but pregnant women need to be careful no matter how far along they are. In the third trimester, it’s more painful for mothers to drive due to the growing size of their stomachs. But in the first or second trimester, the baby is developing quickly, so a car crash may affect its growth severely. Your best strategy is to drive when it’s necessary.

If you are worried about your precious cargo, consider including pregnancy bumper stickers or pregnancy information bracelets. It helps alert the authorities of your pregnancy in the case of an accident and get medical attention immediately.

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