How parents can help teens prepare for sun glare on the road

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Thousands of car accidents every summer are caused by inexperienced and reckless teenagers on the road. Summer is the most popular season for students to get their driver’s license, and it’s also a time where they’re not primarily relegated to only driving to school and back.

Summer is also one of the worst seasons to drive in Denver. There might be less snow in Colorado, but there are also plenty of motorists taking advantage of the warmer temperatures. As your teen gets ready to drive along them, it is imperative that you prepare them for common seasonal hazards. One of the most irritating obstacles you need to get them ready for that they’ll come across frequently is a bright, sunny day.

Train them on the road

Many teens underestimate how big of an issue sun glare is for motorists. They may have not thought much of it when they were the passenger, but it’s a different story for those in the driver seats.

In the days leading up to their driver’s test, take them outside during a sunrise or sunset. These times of the day have the worst sun glare for drivers since they are difficult to cover with a visor. Use this opportunity to test their knowledge on their options to fight the glare. If they have a permit, you could consider having them drive through less populated areas for them to understand what it feels like.

Check their cars

If you go to work every day before your kid leaves the house, you may want to make sure their car is ready for a sunny forecast. Two of the main items they need on the road are functioning sun visors and sunglasses. Keep a spare pair of sunglasses in a place they can easily find in case the accidentally leave one inside the house.

Make sure that your child regularly washes their car and doesn’t have too much dirt on their windshields. Grimy windows can scatter the light and make it even more difficult to see for them.

Since the sun is a natural everyday hazard that the state expects drivers to deal with, your child cannot avoid liability in a car crash if they do not prepare properly for it. Unfortunately, thousands of other drivers in Denver don’t do a good job fighting the glare no matter what age they are. If you or your teen are hurt by one of these negligent motorists on a sunny day, be aware of what legal options you have to acquire compensation.

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