Investigating a truck accident can be complicated

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Whether you are on a long, lonely stretch of rural road or an overcrowded Colorado freeway, if you encounter a tractor-trailer or other large, commercial vehicle, the equation suddenly changes. You may not even realize how many unknown variables are in place as the behemoth vehicle rolls up behind, beside or ahead of you.

Motor vehicle accidents involving trucks continue to increase even as the rates of other types of accidents decline. If you suffer injuries in an accident with a commercial vehicle, you have a greater chance that those injuries will be life changing. While driver error is often a contributing factor, there may be other elements to consider when you seek information about the causes of such an accident.

What are the underlying causes?

It may seem easy to place the entire blame for an accident on the driver of the truck. However, it is usually not that simple. Even if the trucker was speeding, there may be an underlying reason that involves pressure or negligence from others higher up the chain. In fact, some trucking accidents have multiple causes, including:

  • A truck owner who is negligent about maintaining the vehicles, including tires, brakes and adequate lighting
  • Trucking companies that improperly load cargo, creating an unbalanced load that can make a truck difficult to handle on turns and inclines
  • A trucking operation that fails to adequately train drivers how to manage sudden changes in weather or road conditions
  • A trucking company that neglects to properly vet its drivers to ensure they have clean driving and safety records
  • Transport companies that place unreasonable quotas on their drivers or force their drivers to ignore federal laws regarding rest breaks

Of course, all drivers make choices, and some of those choices are poor and inappropriate. A truck driver who uses drugs or alcohol before getting behind the wheel may have little esteem for your life and wellbeing. Drivers who use their cell phones or allow other distractions to take their attention from the road can cause a tragedy in the blink of an eye.

As you can see, there are many factors to consider and examine when investigating the causes of a truck accident. If you are seeking compensation for your injuries or the loss of a loved one, you would be wise to reach out for assistance from a legal professional who has the experience and resources to maximize your claim by leaving no stone unturned.

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