Tips for driving back to campus safely

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The end of summer is almost here for most college students in Denver. Within the next few weeks, many young adults will leave their homes and will head back to their respective universities to get started on their fall semesters.

Those heading back to school by themselves may run into some issue before they even step foot on campus. Even if it is not their first year attending college, there are plenty of ways their drive on the way up can go horribly wrong. Parents should remind their children of what they need to take precautions for on the way back to their dormitories.


Many students will be moving into actual apartments this year while others will still live in a building that’s similar to one. Since most are living there for nine months, they feel they have to bring everything they possibly can in this one trip, especially if they are attending an out of state college that is hours away from home. As a result, it’s easy to pack too many items in the vehicle. The amount of stuff they have can block the rear view and side windows and could potentially distract them with the amount of noise and movement that could happen.

Before they pack up, discuss with them what they really need in their rooms immediately. They could hold off on bringing certain items such as winter gear since they can’t really use it during the first few months of the school year. Otherwise, if they still have a hard time fitting in absolutely everything, you could help them by coming up with them with a separate vehicle to store extra supplies and look into summer storage options the city or campus has that they can use next year.

Bad driving habits

Most college students are still relatively inexperienced when it comes to long hours on the road. If they have to spend hours on a road trip to their destination, there is a high chance they could succumb to drowsy driving. Make sure they get a good amount of sleep on the night before they drive down to campus and give them a healthy breakfast to keep them focus. Suggest tactics to keep them awake such as listening to certain genres of music or book tapes and stopping at a rest stop to move their legs once in a while.

Once they start getting closer to their college, they’ll come across other student drivers who are just as capable of making the same mistakes previously mentioned. This is especially problematic in cities that have several local colleges such as Denver. Warn your child to keep a close eye on these motorists so there aren’t any major crashes or conflicts with other students before they even have their first class together.

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