Which Denver streets have high fatality rates?

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Denver is a massive city with all sorts of activities and unique areas you can’t find in the rest of the country. It also offers various ways for people to get around the city. You’ll encounter thousands of residents taking their bicycles on the streets, renting a scooter or enjoying the sites with a nice, long walk.

However, there are also plenty of dangerous areas to walk in for one reason or another. These streets have several fatalities annually because they host a popular attraction or are just poorly designed. Here are some roads that you should be careful around if you decide to cross them:

Federal Boulevard

For years, Federal Boulevard has been one of the most dangerous areas for residents to step foot in. Between 2012 and 2017, nearly one quarter of Denver pedestrian fatalities were on this street. One of the primary reasons is the road’s awkward location. 26 percent of Denver’s residents live in adjacent neighborhoods to Federal Boulevard, and for years, there were no median islands on the intersections for pedestrians to stay on as they crossed eight lanes of traffic. These roads are similar to a highway, but highways are typically not this close to these types of neighborhoods.

The city has been aware of the problem for some time and have made several changes since July 2018, but only time will tell how much it will decrease the death count in the upcoming years.

20th street

In 2018, two of the top seven deadliest intersections for pedestrian crashes involved 20th street. Sports fans will recognize this road as it hosts Coors Field. It’s especially dangerous during the summer not just because of the Rockies games, but also because more people are walking outside and spending time at nearby bars and restaurants.

It’s still a dangerous area even when baseball season is over. The road is adjacent to popular places like Union Station, where thousands of residents go to everyday to go to a restaurant or catch a ride on the railway.

Now that autumn is here, most residents are trying to get as many walking miles as they can before they bundle up indoors for the winter. If a reckless motorist hits you during one of your daily strolls, you should explore what legal options you have to see who can help you financially recover from the incident.

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