Now is a good time to remember how to adjust driving for winter

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It may be early in the season, but the beautiful mountains of Colorado have already had a light dusting of snow. Even though it didn’t hang around, it is an indication that cooler and colder weather is on the way. While many people anticipate snow in order to enjoy winter sports, everyone who drives on the state’s roadways may also anticipate slick ice-and-snow-covered roads.

After living here through at least one winter, you probably already know the roads can get treacherous at times. For this reason, it may be wise to refresh yourself with some safety tips that could help you get to your destinations this winter safely and without incident.

Avoid these common winter driving mistakes

Ordinarily, it doesn’t take long to remember that you need to adjust your driving once you get out on a snowy or icy roadway. However, being prepared and reminding yourself ahead of time to take the following precautions could spare you some adrenaline-pumping moments:

  • Slow down to make sure you have enough time to stop should something happen.
  • Make sure you aren’t following the vehicle in front of you too closely. If that person needs to stop suddenly, spins out or does something else unexpected, you don’t want your vehicle too close.
  • Do what you can to not get stuck in the snow or on the ice. The landscape can deceive you, and once you are stuck, you could face quite a challenge in getting out of this predicament.
  • Make sure you clear off all the snow from your vehicle, including the roof. Flying snow can make it difficult for the vehicle behind you to see you stop or slow down.
  • Clear off the snow and ice from all of your windows — don’t rely only on your defrosters. Limiting your field of vision only invites an accident.
  • Avoid using your high beams during a whiteout or snowfall. Doing so doesn’t help you see any better and limits the vision of oncoming traffic.

Following these tips could keep you from causing an accident. Unfortunately, you cannot control whether another driver will do the same. If you suffer injuries as a result of a driver who failed to take precautions to accommodate winter weather, you may be able to pursue compensation for your financial and other losses. A thorough review of your case could help determine your next steps.

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