Thinking about braving the cold to ride your motorcycle?

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This time of year, you usually have your motorcycle put away for the winter. After all, you consider riding your motorcycle a warm-weather activity and have never taken it out on the road during the winter. However, for some reason this year, you want to give winter riding a try.

If you do want to attempt this activity, you are not alone. Many motorcyclists across the country brave the cold in efforts to keep riding. Of course, if you have never done so before, it is important to understand that winter riding can come with hazards that are not necessarily present during other times of the year.

The effects of the cold

Even if you are someone who enjoys the cold weather of Colorado, you know that it can be dangerous. If you plan on getting out for a short winter ride on your motorcycle, you may want to keep the following information in mind:

  • The cold can make you feel tired more quickly.
  • The cold can also affect your mental concentration.
  • A reduction in your dexterity can also take place when riding in cold weather.
  • Cold tires can lose traction more easily.
  • Salt spread across roadways to address ice can cause a loss of traction.
  • Snow, obvious signs of ice and hidden ice can all inhibit traction.

These issues are important to note because any of them could contribute to a serious accident. Losing traction could easily mean a loss of control over your motorcycle, and you could find yourself involved in an unfortunate incident. Additionally, reduced dexterity, an inability to stay focused on the road and feeling tired could also affect how well you operate your motorcycle. While these possibilities do not necessarily mean you need to stay off the road, they do mean you need to remain more conscious of yourself and your surroundings.

Effects on other drivers

Though the cold weather may affect motorcyclists more severely than those inside passenger vehicles, it is important to remember that it can still affect other drivers as well. Snow, ice and salt can also affect the traction of larger vehicles, and some drivers may not anticipate seeing motorcyclists this time of year. As a result, another driver could easily cause an accident that leaves you seriously injured. Though this is certainly an outcome you want to avoid, you may want to remember that you have legal options in such a scenario.

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