The reality of caring for someone with a spinal injury

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You would do anything for your loved one, whether you are a parent, spouse or child. When you learned that your loved one’s accident resulted in paralysis from a spinal cord injury, you may have decided right then that you would be the one to care for him or her, no matter what it takes. As noble as this decision seems, there is a harsh reality to face when it comes to providing care for a paralyzed individual.

Whether your loved one’s paralysis is partial or total, you will be the arms and legs for him or her for the foreseeable future. You should never feel that you have to manage the burden alone without asking for help.

An honorable but difficult road

The accident that resulted in a spinal cord injury not only changed the life of your loved one, but it also changed the lives of every member of your family. Your routines, plans and goals can no longer be the same, and much of your time and energy will go to ensuring your loved one has a positive quality of life. Along the way, you will likely deal with any of the following factors that can be disheartening, including:

  • Feeling physically exhausted or sore from the exertion of helping your loved one
  • Losing patience with your loved one’s negativity
  • Fighting against the frustration and discouragement your loved one is experiencing
  • Struggling to remain positive when your loved one resists your help
  • Wishing your loved one would express appreciation for your efforts
  • Wanting to give up when your loved one lashes out

As much as it may seem that your loved one is targeting you, more than likely he or she feels overwhelmed with the situation and the unfairness of his or her condition. Many times, you will need to set aside your own feelings and remember how important it is for your loved one to have you there faithfully and happily.

However, the reality is that you will feel exhausted if you don’t have professional help from time to time. If someone can come into your Colorado home several times a week and share the duties of care, you may feel some relief that allows you to remain positive and cheerful. Affording such help is critical, which is why it may be in your loved one’s best interests to seek legal advice about pursuing compensation for the injuries that resulted from someone else’s negligence.

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