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Do Parenting Marriages Make Sense?

Instead of getting a divorce, some couples choose to redefine marriage. A parenting marriage is the term used for a marriage in which spouses whose romantic relationship has ended stay married for the sake of the children. For parents, this may be an option worth considering. However, it might not make sense in every situation.

There Is A Time And Place To Talk About Divorce (And It's Not When You're Piloting A Plane)

There is no denying that divorce is stressful. There are many emotions that will surface, from sadness to anger to fear. It is only natural that you will want to talk about what you are feeling and thinking. However, it is important that you use caution when and where you talk about it, as was demonstrated recently by a United Airlines pilot.

Are Women Better At Dealing With Post-Divorce Financial Challenges?

After a divorce, people are faced with serious financial challenges. Depending on how property is divided, each spouse is likely to be forced to make purchases in order to live comfortably. One spouse got to keep the silverware, and the other will have to buy a new set. One spouse got to keep the bed, and the other will have to buy a new one. These costs add up fast.

5 Facts For Dads Going Through A Divorce

As a dad, you may be worried about many aspects of the divorce process. You are not alone in these worries. The entire fathers' rights movement has risen as a response to the perception that the rights of dads are often overlooked in these matters. Like all dads, you want to prioritize the needs of your child, while also making sure you have financial security as you move forward after your divorce. Here is some information that you may find helpful in understanding your rights as a father in divorce based on Colorado family law.

Should The End Of Love Mean The End Of Marriage?

In our society, when one or both spouses have fallen out of love, divorce is often presented as the only option. However, according to an article in Psychology Today, falling out of love does not have to mean a choice between an unhappy marriage and a divorce. There are other options. They just require a shift in perspective.

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