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Pursuing Positive Outcomes to Business Disputes

As litigation attorneys, one of our strengths is to provide small businesses with proactive legal advice to avoid disputes. At Scardina Law, we help small businesses with commercial and contractual transactions that are tailor-made to protect our clients. Because we understand the nature of business disputes, we are uniquely positioned to implement controls for potential liability and exposure to civil disputes. We understand the importance of cost-effective problem-solving and building business relationships based on trust and integrity. We run our own business, so we know the challenges that small businesses face every day.

Conflicts and disputes in a small business setting can be disruptive, diverting critical resources away from the core mission of any growing organization. At Scardina Law, we specialize in helping small and midsized businesses, NGOs, entrepreneurs and individuals successfully navigate through commercial disputes. While we always attempt to reach an amicable resolution, when it’s in your best interest, we are always prepared to go the distance. For every dispute we help you navigate, Scardina Law will never lose sight of your short- and long-term business goals and will do everything within our power to achieve a positive outcome.

We have a skilled litigation team that will put in the time and effort to build a successful case, while you are able to devote your time and energy to running your business.

Breach of Contract and More

Contracts are at the center of the majority of business disputes. One party alleges that the other did not fulfill their side of the agreement. Perhaps goods or services were not delivered. Perhaps the language in the contract was unclear, leaving one side unsure of its obligations.

Our lawyers are well-versed in contract language. We can review the contract in question, whether it is a vendor contract, a noncompete agreement or some other type of contract, and get to the heart of the dispute. We will work closely with you to understand your objective in the case, and we will create a legal strategy designed to achieve it. We pride ourselves on crafting creative legal solutions to efficiently resolve contract disputes to the benefit of our clients and their business partners.

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