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Standing Up for Employees in Employment Disputes

Every job comes with challenges, but those challenges should not include mistreatment. If you have been wrongfully terminated, if your employment contract has been violated, if you have been harassed or if you have been otherwise mistreated at work, you may have the right to pursue an employment law claim for compensation.

At Scardina Law in Denver, our attorneys stand up for the rights of employees throughout Colorado. Our goal is to get you fair compensation and send the message to employers that there are repercussions for wrongdoing and mistreatment.

Fighting Discrimination in the Workplace

One of the biggest sources of employment disputes is discrimination in the workplace. Discrimination can come in many forms, from outright termination to harassment and name-calling to being turned down for promotions or routinely given the most undesirable job duties. While employers have a great deal of freedom, if discrimination is due to the victim’s gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, race, religion, age or certain other factors, it becomes illegal.

Our lawyers are proud to stand up for the rights of members of the LGBT community who have been discriminated against or harassed in the workplace. We take great pride in taking on employers who discriminate against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people and serving them their just desserts. This extends not only to wrongful termination and other forms of discrimination, but to hiring discrimination and retaliation as well. Let us help you seek justice.

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