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Enforcing And Modifying Court Orders

Scardina Law in Denver represents individuals who are looking to modify or enforce a court order. Family courts recognize that circumstances change and court order modifications are often necessary. We are here to help you seek changes to ensure that your current needs are met.

Enforcing Court Orders

Just because a court order is issued does not mean that everyone will follow it. Fortunately, there are legal remedies to address this issue. We frequently handle cases involving:

  • Individuals who are not paying child support
  • Individuals who are not paying spousal support
  • Individuals who are not complying with a parenting plan

If your ex is failing to meet the terms of a court order, we can help. We can explore various legal remedies to help ensure that your financial needs and those of your children are met.

The Court has strong powers to enforce its orders, including awarding fees and costs, imposing interest at 12% per annum on missed support payments, sentencing offenders to jail, ordering make-up parenting time, changing the parenting plan, and other sanctions. Accordingly,if you are struggling to meet the terms of a Court Order, the best thing you can do is to ask to change the order, not ignore it or violate it.Contact Scardina Law to discuss your options to modify before you are faced with a contempt proceeding.

Modifying Court Orders

It is often necessary to modify court orders after time has passed and circumstances have changed. Spousal support may no longer be necessary once the receiving spouse remarries. Child support may need to be modified – up or down – to meet the current financial needs of the child or the financial situation of the parents.

If you are considering a modification of child support, spousal support or child custody/parenting plans, we can explain your legal options.

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