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Are you looking to move with your child? Are you opposing a proposed move by your ex?

Relocation cases are the hardest fought cases in family law. This is why it is important to get a lawyer on your side as soon as possible in these extremely important and delicate legal matters. Each move is integral to securing your goals when one parent seeks to relocate with the other.

Your relationship with your child matters more than anything. The attorneys at Scardina Law understands that. We take a family approach to these cases, and we can help you protect your relationship with your child. We provide frank and honest advice and never blow smoke to appease our clients.

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We represent parents at the following times:

  • Relocation with a child during the divorce
  • Relocation with a child after the divorce is finalized

If you are seeking to move with your child, it is advisable, if possible, to address this during the divorce case. There are additional complexities to relocating after a divorce has been finalized that make it more difficult.

Factors Considered in a Child Relocation Case

Colorado family courts consider many factors in child relocation cases:

  • Educational opportunities for the child
  • The age of the child
  • The preferences of the child
  • The reason for the move (Is the parent moving for an employment opportunity — or another reason?)
  • How the relocation will affect the noncustodial parent’s relationship with the child (Will the noncustodial parent still be able to maintain a close relationship with the child?)

Choosing the right attorney: Relocation cases are the most challenging cases for family law courts to handle. It is important to choose an attorney who has experience handling these cases. Not all attorneys do.

Most relocation cases require an expert to testify regarding the child’s best interests. Working with that expert is a skill that many attorneys lack. Scardina Law takes great care to research every aspect of a relocation case and develop a strategy aimed at reaching your goals based on the judge, the expert, and the particular facts. We leave no stone unturned to protect your relationship with your child.

Child Relocation Cases: Contact Us for Help

If you are considering moving with your child — or if your ex is seeking to move with your child — get an attorney on your side. We offer a free consultation to discuss your legal options. Please complete our online contact form to get started.