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Should Married People Stay Married No Matter What?

The most recent issue of Time magazine features a cover story titled "How to Stay Married (and Why)." The article suggests that married people should stay married, except in situations in which there is the threat of physical harm. Furthermore, it also seems to suggest that married people are somehow better off than divorced people.

Can Interior Design Make Divorce Easier?

Divorce is difficult on many levels. One of the biggest challenges can be adjusting to new living arrangements. You may be staying in the family home, which carries with it memories of the marriage that you may want to forget. You may be moving into a new home, where you will have to create a comfortable environment from scratch.

Can A Parent's Legal Marijuana Use Impact A Child Custody Case?

Colorado Amendment 64 made it legal for adults 21 and older to grow, purchase, possess and smoke marijuana. However, just because marijuana use is no longer criminal does not mean there are no legal ramifications. Parents must be aware that marijuana use has the potential to impact their child custody case.

Are You Common Law Married?

Common law marriage is one of the most frequently misunderstood family law issues in Colorado. There are numerous myths regarding the creation of common law marriages. Many people believe they are common law married because they have lived together for a certain period of time, have kids together or pay bills together.

Will You Be Able To Retire If You Get A Divorce?

When going through a divorce, it is easy to get caught up in the short-term. You want to know who is going to stay in the family home. You want to know how much time you will be able to have with your child. You may not be thinking about long-range issues like how your divorce is going to impact your retirement. Perhaps you should be.

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