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Representation For Your Back Injury Case

Back injuries can be deceptive. You may think it is a minor injury, the result of a car or truck accident. Maybe you fell on a slippery step. No matter how it occurred, the consequences may not be as minor as you think. Back injuries can be very severe and result in chronic pain that may never go away.

Our attorneys at Scardina Law can help you with these issues after an injury. We know how confusing the process can be. You are hurting and in pain, and trying to fight with insurance companies and their lawyers can greatly increase your stress. We can’t make your back pain go away, but we can reduce your stress after an accident or injury by taking care of dealing with the insurance companies and other legal issues.

Hurt Your Back In A Car Accident?

A common source of back injuries is motor vehicle accidents. The severe acceleration and deceleration that occurs when two or more vehicles crash into each other can exert extreme force on your body. The jerking of your back when a vehicle rear-ends you or the twisting motion caused by being T-boned at an intersection can take a toll on your back and spine.

Spinal Cord Injuries

Spinal injuries can be life-changing. Damage to a disk, vertebrae or the spinal cord can have catastrophic effects on your life. Even a ‘minor’ back or spinal cord injury can lead to long-term chronic pain. With a severe spinal cord injury, the cord can be severed and leave a victim paralyzed below that point.

You Need The Help Of An Experienced Attorney

We can help. We have worked with clients who have suffered these types of life-changing accidents, and we know what is necessary to bring a successful case. From looking at potential sources of compensation to gathering evidence to bolster your claim, we can help you deal with the details of a back injury claim.

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