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Have You Suffered A Brain Injury?

Brain injuries are varied. Less serious accidents can result in minor injuries. You may have bumped your head and suffered a mild concussion. Maybe you saw “stars” and blacked out. Now, you occasionally suffer headaches or have memory loss. You are hoping they will go away, but they haven’t yet.

Other accidents can be more severe. A strong blow to the head can leave you with a serious traumatic brain injury that can produce much more serious consequences. One thing is certain, you should never ignore any type of potential brain injury, as they can all have serious, long-term consequences. At Scardina Law, our attorneys understand the risks associated with these injuries, and we can help you obtain the compensation you need to protect your future.

The Causes Of Brain Injuries

Most brain injuries are caused by a blow to the head, which causes the brain to strike the skull. The severity of the brain injury is usually dependent on the force of the blow. This can cause bruises, swelling and bleeding of the brain. In less serious cases, the effects of this blow can diminish with time, and you may be said to have had a mild concussion.

In more serious cases, often resulting from a serious car accident, a fall from a high place, or slipping and falling on a hard surface, the consequences can be far worse. You may blackout or lapse into a coma. When you regain consciousness, you may suffer chronic, painful headaches, significant memory loss or changes in behavior.

A Careful Medical Examination Is Necessary

In these cases, you need a complete medical examination and continuing observation and treatment. It is essential that you have a thorough exam so doctors have a baseline from which to measure any changes. After a traumatic brain injury, people may think they have had a complete recovery only to later find they have become forgetful, can no longer remain on task or follow instructions they once were able to easily complete.

The most severe cases often leave their victims suffering from paraplegia or quadriplegia. A catastrophic injury at this level is life-changing and may demand long-term health care, including live-in nursing care or a full-time medical attendant. Your home may need significant accommodation, and you may no longer be able to work.

You Need Compensation For These Injuries

These injuries can affect your ability to work and many other aspects of your enjoyment of life. Minor brain injuries can hamper your work, and serious brain injuries can end your career and leave you in need of substantial medical care. Our attorneys know money cannot bring back your old life, but we can help you recover the compensation you will need to deal with for these injuries.

Free Consultations For Brain Injury Victims

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